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  This web site is designed to provide current and prospective residents within the Granby Ranch Community with an overview of the purpose and function of the District as well as the associated documents. The community is comprised of 10 separate Districts; Headwaters, Granby Ranch, SolVista, and Granby Ranch Nos. 2-8. This site only provides information for the Granby Ranch Metropolitan District. Granby Ranch Metropolitan District includes the majority of all properties which have been developed within the community to date. We hope you find the site useful and meaningful. Should you need additional information please see the Contacts page.  

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  Notices of Public Meeting - additional information available on the meetings page.    
       Meeting Notice - January 15, 2021   (Temporarily conferencing)        
       Meeting Notice - November 13, 2020        
       Meeting Notice - August 14, 2020        
       Meeting Notice - May 29, 2020        
       Meeting Notice - November 15, 2019            
  District News:  
  Granby Ranch Debt and Future Operations            
       2018 General Obligation Refunding Bonds - Limited Offering Memorandum      
    News Archive              
  2020 Election Information - May 5, 2020            
   Canvass Board's Certificate of Results          
  District Documents:            
       2019 Transparency Notice            
       2019 Property and Pool Liability            
       Granby Ranch Public Records Policy (CORA)            
       Granby Ranch Community Overview            
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